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Cat bringing you gifts?

If you've found yourself cleaning up animal remnants in your home, OnlyCat® will change your life.

OnlyCat® detects prey

Advanced AI vision technology detects the presence of prey. OnlyCat® can detect mice, birds, rabbits, rats, squirrels, and other animals.

OnlyCat® locks

Within the blink of an eye OnlyCat® detects the prey and prevents entry.

OnlyCat® lets you know

OnlyCat® connects to your Wi-Fi, and sends you video clips of your cat's transits. You'll feel more connected to your cat, and you'll receive a critical alert whenever a prey delivery attempt is foiled.

The Benefits

You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Selective Entry/Exit

Full control over which cats are allowed to leave or enter at different times.

Smart Notifications

Receive push notifications for entries, exits, and smuggling attempts.

No Unwanted Gifts

AI Technology detects the presence of prey and locks the door.

OnlyCat Product Smoke Reveal

Stylish Design

We designed OnlyCat from the ground up, focusing on the aesthetic design and integrating custom electronics to create a beautiful, functional product.

Woman using OnlyCat App

Feel Connected

Check if your cat is home at a glance. Be notified if your cat enters or leaves. Set cat specific access policies and curfews. Share clips of your cat's mischief with friends and family.

OnlyCat Product Render

Elegant Display

See where your cats are at a glance, on the beautiful integrated ePaper display.

Ambient Illumination

Tasteful LEDs provide configurable, ambient, colour illumination.

Privacy by Design

On-device processing with optional upload of shareable cat clips.

Fail Safe

If the power fails, won't leave your cats locked out.

Social Networking

Share video clips of your cats with friends, family, neighbours.

High Quality Materials

Pet-safe, premium, weather and UV resistant materials.

OnlyCat Product Photo

Feel Freedom

Travel freely with peace of mind. Know that your cat is safe and happy. Your home is open only to trusted feline friends. Your carpets are always safe.

OnlyCat Display Photo

Elegant Display

See where your cats are at a glance on a beautiful electronic paper display. Check in from your phone to see what your felines are up to - from wherever you are.

tech specs

OnlyCat is packed with cutting-edge technology and crafted using premium materials.






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Frequently Asked Questions

OnlyCat will stop my cat bringing home a mouse. What about other prey?

OnlyCat® will prevent entry with most prey if it is visible to the camera. Over time, it will learn from examples it sees. This includes: mice, birds, slow worms, rats, rabbits, squirrels, snakes, frogs, pheasants, bats, voles, shrews, weasels... the list goes on!

Can OnlyCat stop other cats entering my home?

OnlyCat® smart cat flap features microchip recognition as well as prey-detection, giving you full flexibility to choose which cats can enter and exit.

You can keep rival cats out, and even set day and time-based rules!

How accurate is the prey recognition?

Our first prototype has been in use for over 12-months and we achieved 100% detection accuracy within the first few weeks. We believe 99%+ accuracy should be achievable for everyone. Upon launch, accuracy should be high, and if there are any detection errors, these can be quickly reported helping the system learn.

Isn't OnlyCat® too expensive for a cat flap?

OnlyCat is the most advanced cat flap on the market - packed with state-of-the-art smart technology. With OnlyCat® you're not just buying a cat flap - you're buying peace of mind. You can sleep, work, and travel without worrying about what the cat drags in. With the video timeline and push notifications you'll feel more connected to your cat than ever before. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Will OnlyCat fit my existing cutout?

OnlyCat requires a 165 x 172mm opening, or a 212-260 circular glass cutout. OnlyCat is designed to be a drop-in upgrade for SureFlap® DualScan Microchip Cat Flaps, and retains compatibility with cat flap glass mounting adaptors and tunnel extenders from SurePet®.

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