Thank you for purchasing your OnlyCat

We've put our hearts and souls into delivering our vision for the world's best cat flap. This couldn't have happened without the early and ongoing support from our backers. Thank you!

Installation Guide

Our installation manual is currently available in draft form. As most of the installation steps are identical to those for the SureFlap DualScan Cat Flap, we can also recommend following the door, wall, or glass installation videos from Sure Petcare.

Install the OnlyCat App

The OnlyCat app is available on the Apple App Store (for iPhone) and on Google Play (for Android devices). The app is used to configure your cat flap and stay connected with your cats.

Any questions?

If you need any help with your installation, have any questions, or simply fancy a chat about OnlyCat, please reach out to us. We're here to help.